Saturday, June 04, 2011

Ask Parry - Is sexting a real problem or over-hyped?

Parry: I received a call from my child's school. They said a student had been involved in sexting and wanted to talk to the parents. My son is 12. Is this for real?
Shocked parent

Dear Shocked: Sexting is when young people take, share and keep sexual or nude/sexually provocative images and videos with others. No one really knows how often it happens, but school administrators reach out to us daily looking fo help. Sexual precocious behavor or teens and older preteens isn't new, but their ability to share it with the world is. Conservative kids, wild kids, sexually-active and sexually-inexperienced alike are finding it easy to take and share a sexual or nude image or video with others. Often they do it on a whim, on a dare or to get the attention of someone they like, or the entire football team. Most frequently is is take for or at the request of someone they like or are dating. And sometimes they are pressured into taking a sext to avoid having to do more. Learn more about sexting, the law and what is really going on at's sexting and sextortion pages.

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